Thursday, January 6, 2011

Movie Reviews?

Anyone see black swan? I thought it was a very interesting movie only because i wanted oh so badly to figure out what was real and what is not. It's like the girl version (and crappier) of inception. you just dont know what is real and what is fake. After watching the movie i would give it 2 thumbs up only because i enjoy the acting of natalie portman. She's such a great actress. I was also wondering the whole time if the reason why she was being treated as a little girl was because perhaps she was portraying out her mother's life. It's all still a mystery to me. Also, why did the paintings in the mom's room move? I'm not talking about the second time where she goes crazy and sees the paintings yell at her but the very first time shes in that room one of the paintings (towards the bottom left with the green backgrounds) the eyes moved. Thats why she turned around and looked again because the painting's eyes moved. Its all so intriguing i wish i had the answers.

Also, henry and I watched "The Moon". Good movie, kind of the same concept of trying to figure out what is real and what is fake. I just dont understand a lot of the reasons why the clones die? If they were smart enough to even make these clones why didnt they produce clones that lived longer than 3 years? What is the point of cloning a person and having the clone deteriate after only 3 years? wouldn't it be smart to just have the clone live out a life longer than 3 years? omg, someone please answer these questions. Also the sam back on earth? Is that a real sam? or is that another cloned sam that made it off of the moon?

Tron = trash. I only enjoyed watching it because it's like avatar. It's very pleasing graphically to the eyes but story line was as dull.

So if youre looking for a good movie for it's story line i would recommend Black Swan and The Moon but if youre looking for a movie to watch because its cool to look at then i guess you can watch Tron lol

Ugh, if only i had the answers to life.. I recommend both movies.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Gone Already?!

I cant believe the fabulous month of october is over. Well, for those who wonder where Ive been... lets just say october was the best/worst month of this year. lol, initially i was excited for october because of the cooler weather, the long exciting events, and of course the escapades i would attempt to do with my free time. Little did I know i would have very little free time and for that I apologize.

So first, it was my day of birth this month and I had an exciting time kicking all the boys butts again. I dont care what Cyrus says, i kicked his butt. lol, perhaps now it can be a birthday tradition to go to Track 21 and kick the boys butts and make them cry. Track 21, for those who do not know, is a go-karting extravaganza of a place. No, its not those sissy-go-5-mph-while-laughing-and-pointing-at-the-slow-karts kind of place, but its a place where if you hit the walls (or each other) youre going to feel it the next morning. After a week passed from my birthday, I attempted to celebrate henry's birthday.

For henrys birthday I took him to get massages at Massage Heights, but for those who want a CHEAP massage (i heard great stuff from Cyrus who went personally himself) Please check out this wellness center from Memorial Hermann Wellness center. You can get a cheap GOOD massage from practicing students at a low low low price of 29.99. Also, you dont tip because they cannot accept tip! They are not registered masseuses! How awesome is that! so check out that if you guys are interested. Just call and reserve a time. Open from M-S 9am-9pm Sunday from 9-6pm i believe.

Also this month henry and I ate at the Le Givrals! on Washington Ave. I would have to say that I officially love that place! If you guys get a chance check it out =) Totally worth it. Super cheap, fast, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Anyhooooooo so there were so many things you can check out for the month of Oct. From pumpkin patches, the zoo, Nassau bay hot air ballon festival, Track 21, and a million places to eat theres just so much fun things to do in the HOT month of october =T

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Keepin' it lookin' reaaall gooooddddd

Hey guys, I posted a new look that is lighter around the eyes and dramatic with the lips. This look is very simple but elegant. I used a slight cat-eye with the eyeliner because I wanted to elongate the eyes (because I'm asian LOL). I use this look mostly for occasions because the eye-wear is long lasting. This can be based with a stain if preferred for those long nights dancing, wining, and dining. Enjoy guys! I hope y'all like it!

Also, because keeping fit these days is mucho importante, Cyrus has constructed a very effective yet simple work out for girls/guys out there. [Ed. If you're scared of being strong yet sexy, building muscle while burning fat and having abs so tight you can bounce quarters off 'em, stop reading now. Still here? Good!] I promise it feels like someone has set your arms/legs on fire after these workouts so I know for a fact they work! The video will be posted soon but here's the teaser for y'all! He is my personal trainer and I know sometimes when I go to the gym I just want to cry LOL, jk. So if you're a gym-going kind of gal or guy and you're tired of the elliptical this video is for you! Also, if you're a busy person but you have some free weights at home you can also take advantage of Cyrus's expertise! Or if you're looking for a new work out routine and a new fun way to work out with friends just watch out for Cyrus's work out video!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Anyone want to go exploring this weekend?

My day consists of talking to friends about new places to see, eat, and experience. Thanks to EJ for helping me construct this list of cafes, coffee shops, and new bars that I have not yet been! Here are some places I would like to visit and review for everyone. If any of you have ever been to these places please let me know how it is (a) before I waste my time going or (b) if I'm missing out on life and I must go!

Cedar Creek Cafe, Bar, and Grill
"Located in the Shady Acres neighborhood, Cedar Creek caters to an eclectic crowd looking to relax and unwind or those just in need of some good grub. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner we have a full diverse menu of offerings to satisfy. Our outside dining area has been voted the Best Patio in Houston by the Houston Press, with a creek side deck, a large patio, an outside bar, fire pit and lots of TV’s to boot."

Inversion Coffee Huouse lol, (ive been here before but i like it a lot, very dog friendly. They had bowls of water inside for your dog)

Antidote Coffee House in the Heights
I saw this picture and I remember one time I was telling Lisa and Joe that there should be a sign that says "Everyone should wash their hands" someone just beat me to it...

Petrol Station Coffee House
random girl's review "the food is DIVINE. And they take some chances and serve something other than bar sludge out of a plastic bag. Enjoy (in order of my favorites) the Rancor, Meatloaf Sandwich, Hummus plate (with great veggies!), Curried Chicken Salad, Shepherd's Pie, Mary's Lamburger, or just a Mini Pub burger. And try one of Troy's desserts - always something new and interesting!"

Big Star Bar
I'm not a big drinker so if youve ever been here please tell me how this is! :D

Grand Prize
So EJ told me that the owner of Poison girl is the same owner of this new dive. This is a great place to check out during the weekend just to relax and have a few drinks. In my case, some water.

Empire Cafe
Rated best breakfast place!
...random rating, ".. The food and the environment lead to a great dining experience. You can dine inside or out and I chose to eat outside. The prices are reasonable ..."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who's down for a make over?

Posted my first YouTube video today! It's a tutorial of how to do a more subtle Smokey eye especially for people who feel like the dark dramatic Smokey eye is age inappropriate. The key to this step is to prep your face so that you have a clean canvas.
Anyone want to be my next victim while i attempt this look on another person?! =) Someone who doesn't mind being on camera and is naturally attractive for aesthetic reasons LOL jk jk :D

Step 1) I like to use a moisturizer especially one with SPF at least 15 around the eyes and the nose

Step 2) use concealer to hide any small blemishes and make sure to blend

Step 3) blend using your finger and set with powder(but not too much powder you'll look like a cake)

Step 4) Time for the fun part, prep your eyes with a nice base eye primer. I like to use High Voltage Eye Primer from Kat Von D from Sephora ($15)

Step 5) use eyeshadow of choice, make sure that its of brown pigment and not black, you want a subtle smokey eye rather than a whore-ish smokey eye.

Step 6) I like to use a light color, pink or gold, or any color of your choice for the inner lid towards your canthi. Something to take away from the darkness

Step 7) Line your upper inner water line with black or brown eyeliner

Step 8) I prefer no mascara but if you do choose to do so make sure its a dryer formula so it doesnt look chunky.

Step 9) use a light pink blush under your zygomatic bone. make sure the crease isnt too extenuated! Enjoyyyyyyyy

Also, i like to curl my hair with this look, it looks nice and its easy to do! I'll post a video on how to get a WAVY look rather than curly!